Mental health and substance use disorder services in Maine are a necessity for more and more individuals due to an increase in related disorders and a decrease in provider availability. Many individuals are doing their best to get by while being put on long wait lists. In addition, services for those unable to function adequately in the community due to severe and persistent mental health disorders is sorely lacking. The recent COVID-19 Pandemic has resulted in an additional increase in substance use and mental health difficulties due to a number of ongoing issues, including loss of employment, being distanced from loved ones, increase in abusive behaviors, and fear of self or loved ones getting this disease. While many mental health providers offered teletherapy through the pandemic out of necessity, most normally do not. Doing so on a regular basis will result in the ability to serve the entire state rather than one geographic location and will resulting in assisting many more clients than other agencies can. We will work with nursing homes as well to assure that the elderly population will also be able to easily access much needed mental health services. We will also be available more hours than most agencies to prevent the need for clients to upend their lives and jobs in order to obtain services.

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No waitlist for adults within 40 minutes of Livermore Falls as of 8/16/2022

Certified case managers work with individuals to help them identify their strengths and needs, connect them to community resources, and to provide advocacy while working through a treatment plan together that focuses on achieving recovery and independence. We provide these services to Section 17 eligible members, and if an eligibility letter is not available we will perform the assessment. This service is available in an approximately 40 minute radius from Livermore Falls.

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No wait list as of 8/16/2022 for DEEP assessments or IOP

Lifeline for ME, LLC offers individual and group therapy, including an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) to address substance use disorders. Our clients are in various stages of recovery. We use evidence-based treatment strategies.

We are currently able to provide addiction services, including IOP, to all of Maine through interactive teletherapy. IOP is a hybrid group, so you may attend virtually or in person at our office in Livermore Falls. IOP is held Monday to Thursday evenings, 4:30pm-8pm, for 12 weeks.

We also are a provider of Driver Education and Evaluation Program (DEEP) assessments and treatment.

Scholarships are available for IOP.


As of 8/16/2022, we have a lengthy waitlist for individual outpatient counseling. DBT group will be starting as soon as we have enough interested individuals who have completed their intakes.

We provide outpatient diagnostic and talk therapy for individuals experiencing struggles in their lives. This includes a diagnosis, treatment planning, and collaboration with other providers to improve overall wellness. We offer this service through teletherapy and there is currently a waitlist.

We are also offering a statewide virtual DBT group once per week for two hours. The next course is anticipated to start within 30 days and is tentatively scheduled for Tuesdays at 10am.

Inpatient Drug Abuse Treatment


No openings available as of 8/16/2022 due to lack of staff - We are accepting referrals for our waitlist but the timeframe is unknown

Certified staff provide in-home services to eligible individuals to support them in learning daily living skills to assist them in remaining as independent as possible in their homes and communities. This service is available within an approximately 40 minute radius from our Livermore Falls office.